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Practice Assessments

Each practice assessment offers:

View a sample practice assessment. Link opens in a new window.

Practice assessments are available for most fields.

Purchasing and accessing your practice assessment

You may purchase a practice assessment on its own, or during registration for the OAE. To purchase the assessment, visit the "Prepare" page on this website, and select "Practice Assessments." Choose the assessment field from the dropdown menu. Click "Buy Now" next to the assessment you'd like to purchase. You will be prompted to create an account on this website, which you will also use to register for the assessment and access your assessment results.

After purchasing, you can log in to your account on this website at your convenience and take your practice assessment.

Review minimum software and browser specifications and answers to FAQs Link opens in a new window..

Taking the practice assessment

You will have 120 days to access your practice assessment, beginning on the date of activation.

Each practice assessment includes field-specific directions similar to those that will be presented in the operational testing environment. Practice assessment questions may include graphics, audio materials, and writing assignments, as appropriate. There is currently only one version of each practice assessment.

While you are testing, you may pause the assessment and return to it later if you wish; you do not have to finish in a single session.

Your practice assessment can be submitted for scoring only once, but it will be available for your review until the end of your subscription period (120 days). After you submit your practice assessment for scoring, you will receive immediate results showing your competency-level performance on multiple-choice questions. You may also review each item along with the correct response and an explanation of why the response is correct.