Frequently Asked Questions by Faculty and Institutions

Who is required to take the OAE?

Licensure candidates who successfully completed the Praxis tests required for licensure by August 31, 2013, may use those results at the time they apply for licensure.

Licensure candidates who test beginning September 1, 2013, must take the OAE. (World Language candidates will continue to be tested using the LTI/ACTFL OPI and WPT.)

How often are the tests offered?

Assessments are available either year-round, by appointment, or during specified testing periods.

What provisions are made for candidates who might need alternative testing arrangements?

Candidates may request special testing accommodations during test registration. Evaluation Systems considers requests on a case-by-case basis to meet the particular needs of the test taker.

Will alternatively licensed educators be required to take these assessments?

Yes, alternatively licensed educators will be required to take the OAE, with one exception: Career-Technical Workforce Development alternative route candidates will not be required to take the OAE. Alternative licensure candidates will be required to successfully complete the OAE content assessment as one of the requirements for obtaining alternative licensure, and to take the OAE pedagogy assessment in the second year of teaching under the alternative license. World languages alternative licensure candidates are required to successfully complete the LTI/ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) and Writing Proficiency Test (WPT) in the target language as their content assessments.

How many times can someone retake an assessment?

There is currently no maximum number of attempts to pass an assessment.

What preparation materials are available for the assessments?

A variety of free and fee-based preparation materials are available for the assessments. Candidates can access the preparation materials from the Preparation Materials page.

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